Top things to do and see in Namaqualand

Namaqualand - Northern CapeNamaqualand - Northern CapeNamaqualand - Northern CapeNamaqualand - Northern Cape
Namaqualand - Northern CapeNamaqualand - Northern CapeNamaqualand - Northern CapeNamaqualand - Northern Cape


Top things to do and see in Namaqualand

If you are planning a trip through the Northern Cape, Namaqualand is sure to be at the top of your list of places to go. It is known as the wildflower capital of South Africa for good reason, but there is more to it than this stunning display of colour. You will find a diverse array of activities and attractions that will surprise and delight all travellers.

There is plenty of stunning Namaqualand flower route accommodation to choose from, as well as luxurious accommodation in Clanwilliam. From here, you will be able to visit the Namaqualand game reserves and travel to other small Northern Cape towns to see what they have to offer. So, if you have booked Cederberg or Clanwilliam accommodation, read on below for top things to do in Namaqualand for intrepid explorers.


See the rare Orbicule Koppie

For those who enjoy soaking up natural scenery, a visit to the Orbicule Koppie is a must. This koppie is formed from a unique rock formation that is only found in Namaqualand and in Scandinavia and is truly a sight to behold.

Orbicular granite is a concentrically layered, spherical rock structure which is formed due to slow magma cooling around a grain of sand or rock. The structures look as though they are from another world, and can be found in Concordia. Be sure to bring along your camera to capture this unique geological phenomenon.


Find flowers at the Skilpad Wildflower Nature Reserve

This is an awe-inspiring, 1000 hectare nature reserve that has a magnificent display of wildflowers during the months of August to October. But, more than this, there are plenty of hiking trails for the more adventurous and even some picnic spots for an afternoon snack after an intense hike.

You could try your hand at the Caracal Eco Route, a journey which allows you to experience all of the different terrains of Namaqualand, from the mountains to the desert to the coastal regions. You will see some unique fynbos and some exciting animals along the way. Be sure to bring along bottled water and sunscreen if you are planning on attempting this journey, and bring along a map of the park too.


Soak up the sea at Spitfire Rock

For those who enjoy spending time near the ocean, you can look into spending the day photographing Spitfire Rock in Hondeklipbaai. This is a rock formation which causes enormous spouts of water

The sea will rise high above you and spray you with briny goodness, and it is the perfect place for dramatic holiday photographs (if you don’t mind getting a little wet). The beach surrounding the rock is beautifully kept and is ideal for spending a lazy afternoon watching the waves go by after a busy day out exploring.


Learn some history at the Pella Mission Station

If you enjoy learning about the history of a place, then you should make a plan to visit the Pella Mission Station. It is set against a backdrop of sandy dunes with fig, grape and pomegranate trees growing on the grounds. It was built in 1814 and abandoned in 1872 due to drought.

In 1878, it was reopened by the Roman Catholic Church and is now used to grow dates to sell them across South Africa. It has a unique exterior, with an almost exotic feel thanks to the dates and other fruit trees. Be sure to bring along your camera, some water and some walking shoes so you can explore the grounds and capture this unique building in the desert.


Discover the mining past at the mining museum in Nababeep

The Mining Museum in Nababeep in Springbok provides a quirky, antiquated look at the history of mining in the town. Mining began here in the 1850s and the last steam train used on the tracks (known locally as “Clara”) is now in a permanent exhibition in the museum.

During the flower season, Nababeep has a stunning display for flower enthusiasts to enjoy, but be aware that the roads are extremely bumpy and filled with potholes. There are plenty of quaint coffee shops to stop off at for some local meals and homemade sweet treats, so be sure to come hungry. If you are going during flower season, arrive early to beat the crowds at the popular tourist destination.


Namaqualand needs no introduction

Namaqualand is one of the most beautiful places to visit in South Africa. Here you will see the blanket of wildflowers from August to October, but you will also be able to enjoy unique and interesting attractions throughout the year. There are several places situated in Clanwilliam, Springbok and near the Cederberg mountain range to visit.

Stop off at the Orbicule Koppie if you enjoy geological anomalies then move on to the Skilpad Nature Reserve or the Goegap Nature Reserve for a hike or two and to see the gorgeous wildflowers. The Pella Mission Station and the Mining Museum in Nababeep are perfect for history boffins and the Spitfire Rock makes for a great day at the beach.

Namaqualand - Northern CapeNamaqualand - Northern CapeNamaqualand - Northern Cape